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Fiv-in-cats-life-expectancy, there is no one life expectancy for a cat with feline immunodeficiency virus. it will wholly depend on the individual. however, as there is no cure for fiv, it will be important to manage the cat's symptoms if you want to extend their life as long as possible.. The average life span of cats with fiv is roughly five years after diagnosis, according to the central texas cat hospital. ask your vet for tips on how to keep your cat healthy and improve his life expectancy. he may prescribe antibiotics to fight secondary infections and recommend high-quality food for your pet., fiv in cats life expectancy. some rescue shelters insist that fiv+ cats are homed as ‘indoor cats’ or go to homes with an enclosed garden to prevent contact with other cats. certainly if the cat has aggressive tendencies it should not be allowed free access to the outside world, or to mix with non-infected cats..

If we agree the average lifespan of the domestic cat is 18 years, i estimate the average life expectancy of fiv cats to be 16 years. the word ‘average’ is important. as mentioned this statement may be controversial. the point is that fiv cats are just as good as any other cat as a companion., life expectancy of the fiv + cat is variable. approximately 18% die within 5 years of infection..

Due to their impaired immune system, the cat may succumb to illness earlier, and not reach their normal life expectancy. fiv cats will need prompt veterinary assistance for even minor symptoms. with good care however, many fiv+ cats can live normal lifespans. these days, it's not unusual to find fiv+ cats reaching 15 years or more., a properly cared for fiv cat need not have a shortened life expectancy. the effectiveness of all cats' immune systems reduce with age. not many would recommend euthanasia just because a cat is getting elderly, so why so with fiv? why is fiv so feared by some?.

What's the life expectancy for cats with fiv? cats with fiv can have a normal lifespan with excellent quality of life; however, because they are more susceptible to disease, severe illness can lead to a worse prognosis. is there an fiv vaccine for cats?, in spite of this, recent studies suggest that cats with fiv commonly live normal life spans, as long as they are not also infected with feline leukemia virus. fiv-infected cats are found worldwide, but the prevalence of infection varies greatly. in the united states, approximately 1.5 to 3 percent of healthy cats are infected with fiv..

Cats who are infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (fiv) may not show symptoms until years after the initial infection occurred. although the virus is slow-acting, a cat’s immune system is severely weakened once the disease takes hold. this makes the cat susceptible to various secondary infections.