The Golden Ways

Old-fashioned-bluetick-coonhound, are you looking to purchase an old fashioned bluetick coonhound? contact bluestone bluetick's. we breed beautiful hounds that are fast, high energy, great hunters, and loving. you can also put in a deposit for a beautiful bluetick puppy.. The american blue gascon hound is a subgroup of the bluetick coonhound breed. they are slightly larger and heavier than the standard bluetick coonhound. they also have a more typical hound appearance. these are sometimes called old-fashioned blueticks., evenstar hounds in ohatchee, al offers high quality, akc/ukc registered bluetick coonhounds. air shipping & paypal!. Bluetick coonhound pup old fashioned with long ears, and. pups should develop into large bawl mouth old – fashioned bluetick, gascon type hounds. pups will be ukc purple ribbon registered and up to. cameron bluetick hound puppies and training from high country blueticks and bret., there is a subgroup of the blue tick coonhound known as the american blue gascon (or sometimes ‘old fashioned blue tick coonhound’) which is larger, heavier, and more hound-like in appearance..

The bluetick coonhound is a breed of coonhound originating in the united states.the bluetick coonhound is known for its friendly persona, cold nose, and deep bawl is most commonly used as a raccoon hunting dog, but may also be kept as a pet., old fashioned bluetick coonhound puppies for sale 100% cameron bloodlines for sale quality at it's finest. call for availability on puppies..

At high country blueticks, we take great pride in providing the absolute best cameron bluetick hounds. our hounds are old fashioned, long eared, extreme cold nose, high endurance and possess incredible tracking and treeing abilities. these hounds specialize in big game such as mountain lions, bobcats and bears.