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Rumble-tuff-breast-pump, rumble tuff breast pump? 801.609.8168. [email protected] .... The rumble tuff serene express is a double electric breast pump which combines the effectiveness of a hospital-grade pump with the convenience of a small, portable pump. it uses a closed-system diaphragm which prevents breast milk from coming in contact with the tubing or motor., rumble tuff serene the serene express duo is a double electric breast pump. its durability and dependability make this pump ideal for frequent pumping. we've combined the effectiveness of a hospital grade breast pump with the convenience of a portable pump.. This rumble tuff electric breast pump has a closed system that is consists of a single electric breast pump with an anti-backflow diaphragm that will provide your baby with anti-backflow protection. the diaphragm acts as a protective barrier, preventing the mil from leaking., the rumble tuff easy express 2 is a closed-system, duo electric breast pump intended for personal use. behind the cute, attractive design lies a powerful motor capable of delivering strong suction power to help you complete your pumping session quickly and effortlessly. the pump's lightweight design also makes it easy for travel..

Rumble tuff serene express double electric breast pump this rumble tuff breast pump review is for the serene express, rumble tuff’s top-of-the-line double electric breast pump. it is packed with features, including a digital display, built in timer, and clock. it is comfortable thanks to silicone flange cushions., with the easy express 2 double electric breast pump, easily change between 4 preset speed settings and 7 levels of suction for each speed. this lightweight pump is easy to use and easily portable..

The serene express double electric breast pump has a unique 3 phase expression programming and 8 levels of suction for each phase. the specially designed motor provides powerful suction in half the time and can be easily transported and stored.